Manager README

Jul. 14, 2020 · 2 min read

tl;dr my job is to help you succeed.

This is an introspective exercise, with the intention of introducing myself, and documenting how I hope to support you and our team.

Be aware – Dunning-Kruger is in effect.


You work for ${company}, not for me.

My job is to provide context and remove obstacles to help you perform your best work.

My goal is to enable us to work on things that improve the reliability of our systems and the resilience of our team.

My bias is towards curiosity, continuous learning and experimentation.


My calendar is openly visible. Intentionally.

Regarding 1:1s, we’ll start with 45 minutes weekly, and adjust it from there.

1:1s are not for status updates (unless that’s what you want). Typically, ${ticketing_systems} are better suited for status updates. Instead, I hope to discuss career development, team strategy, context from the greater ${company}, and other topics from your agenda.


Hierarchy of communication (most → least urgent): Pagerduty/OpsGenie, SMS, Slack/Teams, email

I sometimes work outside of business-hours (by choice). I don’t expect you to do the same.

Unless an emergency is clearly indicated, if I message you after-hours, feel free to ignore me until the next business day.


You’re good at your job. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. If I question you, it’s because I’m either:

  • curious (trying to gather context)
  • playing devil’s advocate (trying to examine or improve an idea)


I make mistakes. Hold me accountable and tell me.